Ennopro Brands

A brand of EnnoPro Group Limited. The company deals with various batteries and cells, delivering outstanding quality and impeccable product.

An innovation of EnnoPro Group that provides a unique remote control device for disabled people all around the globe.

Another brand of EnnoPro that implements car solutions and automotive parts.

EnnoPro is a fast developing company that counts a considerable amount of patents and variety of products. The company is generating ideas on a constant basis and takes action to make them tangible and feasible. In the nearest future EnnoPro will step into several different fields that will take the company to a new level of development.

2016 – EnnoPro Company was founded and registered
2016 –Ceba brand was registered
2016 – Glassouse Assistive Device was created and the brand was registered
2016 – EnnoPro has successfully finished police equipment development
2016 – Ennopol was registered
2016 – Glassouse visited Assistive Technology exhibition in Orlando, USA
2016 – Glassouse was recognized as the best product of BDA in UK
2016 – EnnoPro launched new brand
2016 – EnnoCar was registered and entered the market
2016 – EnnoPro collaborated with Government in development of the new project
2016 – Cebavisitied exhibition in China
2016 – New project of Glassouse brand was started
2016 – EnnoPro earned recognition in USA