GlassOuse Assistive Device

Glassouse Assistive Device is a brand of EnnoPro Group. This brand proudly takes place in Assistive Technology market around the globe. Glassouse helps people with disabilities everyday by assisting them in using technology such as mobile gadgets, tablets, PCs and smart homes. Day by day Glassouse aids people with limited hands movements or people without hands to engage in the world of technologies and discover their full potential with the use of our device. Constantly Glassouse is looking for new opportunities to improve the device and make it more suitable for people with different severe conditions. In 2016 Glassouse brand started research and development project and in April 2018, the second generation, GlassOuse V1.2 was launched with a new product line of switch controls called G-Switch Series. More on device usage, information and guidance you can find at or contact us directly via email or phone.